Why Influencer Marketing Dominates Digital Spaces

why influencer marketing dominates digital space social media influencers sales

A decade ago we would never imagine that a regular person who wasn’t a singer, actor, athlete, or politician would manage to somehow become an influencer online. However, nowadays, it is the dream of millions of people around the world. People are even forgoing college and traditional career paths to become social media influencers! 

Influencer Introduction

But why is it a dream for so many? Why would one sacrifice their privacy online, especially in the very detail-oriented world we live in today? This is because of the money and recognition mostly if we are being completely honest. Fame brings a lot of money from advertisers who want to have access to a very specific type of audience, and hopefully distribute their products and services. 

You see, with the introduction of websites like YouTube and Instagram, people were able to categorize their interests very easily. While Facebook was struggling to gather data and assign specific interests to its users, YouTube had a much easier method of doing so. Now TikTok is doing the same thing globally.

YouTubers tend to target a specific niche. It could be beauty product reviews, gameplay, financial education, tech-oriented content and etc. The fact is that it is very categorized, which gives advertisers the ability to conduct targeted ads on a much more effective level. 

One of the more effective influencers on YouTube turned out to be reviewers, who rather than write about a product, showed its capabilities as they tested them on themselves, thus having quite a large authority over how their viewers would perceive the product. 

This encouraged thousands of companies, especially online casinos to pay for reviews which would paint them in a good light, thus giving the influencer the ability to generate income through their content and turn their hobby into a real profession

But simply comparing a written review to a video-type review is enough to see how much more influential the latter is. 

This is a bit harder to do on Facebook, there is no telling what kind of person a paid ad would target, as interests aren’t as outlined as on YouTube. But should they launch an ad on a specific video from a specific YouTuber, they are guaranteed to target the audience which can potentially be their customers. 

The Rise Of New Stars 

The ads appear much more relevant for the consumers themselves as well, and having them delivered by their favorite content creators also helps in conversion, or driving trustworthiness for the company. 

Through interacting with their viewers, producing engaging content and gathering a larger following on a daily basis, YouTubers and Instagram models managed to become on par with some Hollywood celebrities. And at this point, it is pretty hard to stop them. 

The trust from the viewers has been so unique in the sense that, a YouTuber or an Instagram model could potentially destroy a product’s credibility through sheer influence and trust from their community. 

Which Industries Use Influencers The Most? 

There are quite a lot of variables to consider when advertising through influencers on these platforms. One thing is that a lot of the viewership is comprised of young adults, teenagers and even children, which creates this gap of who can afford to promote their product through a YouTuber or a model. 

The most effective use of influencers has been from beauty product manufacturers, game developers, beverage manufacturers, electronics shops and various other online services who have an extremely specific niche. 

The thing is that, most companies who want good results from advertising through influencers need to have either a global presence or presence in large-market countries such as the USA, the UK, Japan and etc. 

You have already understood that this article doesn’t talk about just paying the platform and allowing them to categorize adds. No, it is about companies paying the influencer to include them in their content, it’s a much more direct approach, which has been phenomenally successful. 

So if you are ever considering to make a product you will ship worldwide, or a service you want to supply to foreign clients, it is always worth it to use an influencer’s platform to access thousands and sometimes millions of people through just one video or picture. 


And if you are ever considering to become an influencer, make sure to narrow down your niche to something you enjoy, something you know, and something that has demand from both the audience and the advertisers.

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