10 Common Social Media Apps For Cheaters

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Unfortunately cheating is just as common as dating or falling in love. Thousands of U.S. adults have publicly admitted that they have cheated on their loved one at least once in the past year, and about half of those adults have created a social media or secondary email accounts that their romantic partner didn’t know existed. Most likely the numbers are in the hundreds of thousands if people were more forthcoming and honest about their cheating behaviors. 

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People now can communicate with family, friends, and strangers instantly through the help of social media platforms. But they can also directly ‘connect’ with someone new through the same platforms. Modern cheating is so easy to hide, all thanks to the social media apps that anyone from the world is only one click away at all times. Cheats are made simple with everything from cat-fishing to automation and even AI with social networks.

In this article below you will find the ten top social media cheating apps most used by cheaters to play their dirty heart-breaking and marriage-wrecking games. 

10 Most Common Social Media Platforms And Mobile Apps Used For Cheating In Relationships And Marriages

1. Viber 

Viber is a 3rd party messaging application available on all devices. It is a harmless messaging app, unless, in the hands of an informed user, it can turn into a sneaky application for affairs to occur. Secret Chats Viber allows the user to delete a conversation automatically after a certain length of time, say 1-5 minutes, giving them the freedom to send anything to anyone with a sense of security that they can never get caught. If you use this social messenger app, you may get cheated on or have the temptation to stray from monogamy.

2. Hidden Chats 

Viber has a hidden chats option for which the user has to set a pin code. The secret chats appear and disappear with that key allowing the user to hide their conversations. Infidelity runs rampant on this chat program as it often enables cheating with partners supposedly in monogamous relationships.

3. WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is also a messaging app owned by Facebook that is incredibly popular by nearly all smartphone users. The benefit of this application is its use of end-to-end encryption, which means that the data is entirely secure, and no one can access it unless they have the target phone. The cheater can lock up the account with a pin code to keep anyone from accessing it from the phone. And you wouldn’t even know that your partner is cheating on Whats App. 

4. Instagram 

Instagram (also owned by Facebook) can be easily used as an outstanding private communication channel. The app offers excellent cover as a social media platform, and the cheater can stalk and flirt with whomever they want. The new update has included a feature called ‘Vanish Mode’ where the conversations get disappeared to reduce the chances of the cheater getting caught. There is always someone trying to slide into another person's DMs and try to cheat with Instagram. But these cheaters should be careful what they put on social media in case the rest of the world finds out about it.

5. Snapchat 

Years before Instagram copied the feature, Snapchat introduced its version of ‘Vanish Mode,’ but here, it works like a pro. Snapchat has the option to send self-destructing messages. These messages can also be videos of course, so we will let you imagine why infidels have widely used them. Catfishing is common on Snap as well and users take advantage of disappearing Snaps after 24 hours.

6. Tinder 

Tinder is arguably the most famous cheating dating app in the world. Extremely user-friendly allows the user to browse the photos uploaded by people who are geographically close to each other. Just create a profile using Facebook login or from scratch, upload four photos, add a description and select the people you like. Each profile is presented with pictures, to which the user can decide whether to assign a sign of appreciation or skip it by simply scrolling with a finger. The Tinder app can become a numbers game for cheaters that need their fix often. If someone prefers the company of the same gender, they may cheat on their significant other with Grindr or Scissr apps. 

7. Threads 

Why use the new Instagram owned threads for cheating on your spouse, fiancé, girlfriend, or boyfriend? Because Threads is new, rarely monitored, and inactive for most people. It is the perfect secret social media platform to slide into someone's DMs or comments without causing a stir. Threads pretty much replicates an Instagram account in seconds, follows who you follow on IG, and is less understood compared with Instagram. While your wife or husband may monitor your Instagram, they may not even know what Threads is and not know you are using it to be a cheat.

8. Facebook 

Facebook has been kind of a given for cheaters for nearly 20 years now, so much so that it is to the point where it is just accepted and old news. You can easily find people you went to school with or used to work with, or just random humans from any group. After all, Facebook basically started in a college dorm room deciding if women were "hot or not", so it has been in the flirtation and cheating business since the get go. Facebook was pretty much created for cheaters online. 

9. Signal 

Signal is a secure messaging app that is used around the world for sending videos, images, voice recordings, audio, and texts. Not everyone knows about Signal, and it is safe, which unfortunately makes it ideal for cheating on loved ones and spouses. If you are getting mixed signals in your relationship, you may want to check their Signal mobile application for infidelity.

10. LinkedIn 

What is LinkedIn doing on the list of top social media apps for cheaters? LinkedIn is supposed to be a professional networking social media platform, but that hasn't stopped many men from flirting and offending women. Unfortunately men (or women) in powerful career or financial positions can leverage their status, or the desperation of somebody needing a new job, to cause cheating or sexual harassment. LinkedIn isn't supposed to be for cheaters, but there are more cheating professionals on there now than ever before. Ask any woman that has used LinkedIn actively for many years and they will have stories to tell about being hit on, being propositioned, and being the recipient of cringe messages or post comments. LinkedIn also lends itself to different types of cheating than many other social media platforms. 

Firstly, LinkedIn is for supposed professionals and sometimes very successful or rich individuals. This leads to gold diggers and people wanting sugar mamas or sugar daddies. Secondly, LinkedIn doesn't require verification of your name, companies, resume, etc so people lie blatantly or inflate their credentials to attract victims more easily. Many cheaters operate in plain site on social networking sites, including LI.

Avoid Being Catfished On Social Media 

Catfishing is when a person impersonates a man or woman and tries to start a romantic online relationship for emotional or financial reasons. A catfish will manipulate your emotions and possibly even cause you to cheat on a spouse or significant other in the process. You will be made a fool if you get catfished on social media platforms, so be careful who you trust and who you send pictures or money to in 2024!

Don't Cheat Or Repeat

Mobile phones tend to leave a trail of communication between a cheater and a lover. Simultaneously, certain smartphone apps make it easier than ever to conceal these communications from everyone they know. It seems like these apps were developed keeping in mind how people can use them effectively to cheat on their American girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, or spouses. Some iPhone or Samsung smart phone users even hide their social media apps in a secret folder from their loved ones.

Just don't be one of those people! If you are going to be like that, just break off the relationship or get a divorce and start using a dating app instead! That way you don't have to sneak around on mobile applications and play games with the heart of the person that you are with. 

And one final word of advice: definitely don't be that old guy or gal flirting with people on LinkedIn! That could be the ultimate fail for your current or future relationship.

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