Features Of Preview For Viewing Or Editing PDFs

features of preview viewing pdf files editing pdfs

MacOS, the operating system that powers up Mac models, is one of the most optimized and feature-packed operating systems of all time. It packs in various native applications, each of which facilitates individuals to perform specific tasks with ease. One such powerful native utility of macOS is Preview. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at what Preview is and some of its most prominent features that come in handy when viewing or editing PDFs. Let us get started: 

What Is Preview? 

Preview is a native macOS utility that allows users to access, view, and edit different files, including digital images, PDF documents, and many similar items. 

Besides viewing, macOS users can make simple file modifications using the utility. For example, they can make simple modifications and tweaks to pictures by adjusting their shadows, contrast, highlights, etc. Overall, it is a highly useful app that macOS users use frequently. 

Preview Features For Viewing And Editing PDFs

The Preview application comprises numerous features that come in handy when users wish to view or edit PDF files. Here is a look at how users can utilize the native tool when dealing with PDFs: 

● Change The Thumbnails Of PDF Files 

When looking at a PDF’s thumbnail, individuals see the smaller version of its pages. This facilitates users to determine or develop a vague idea of what is inside. 

There are instances when users need to change a PDF’s thumbnail. Fortunately, one of Preview’s most prominent features is to let users alter the thumbnails of files, including PDFs. To alter the thumbnail of any PDF document or any of its aspects using Preview, users can follow multiple ways. 

For starters, they can change the dimensions, i.e., collapse or expand it by opening the PDF file using the native utility and clicking on the arrow present beside the filename in the sidebar. Besides this, users can change the size of thumbnails by opening the PDF file using Preview, navigating to the View menu, clicking on the Thumbnails option, and then dragging the sidebar’s separator in the desired direction to alter the width. 

 ● Add Bookmarks 

Most PDF files contain multiple pages of information. Sometimes, users need to access only a particular section of information. However, due to plenty of pages, it becomes hard for them to jump directly to the required section. This is where the use of bookmarks comes in. They are used to mark specific sections based on their significance so that recipients can easily access the important information. 

Besides other features, one highly-useful feature of the Preview utility is allowing users to add bookmarks to PDF files. To bookmark a specific section in a PDF file using Preview, users need to follow the given steps: 

Step 1 - Open the PDF file using the Preview Utility. 
Step 2 - Navigate to the page containing the required information you wish to bookmark. 
Step 3 - Open the Menu bar and click on the “Tools” option. 
Step 4 - Click on the option labeled “Add Bookmark” 

Doing so will bookmark the required portion of a PDF file instantly. To know more, visit https://setapp.com/how-to/add-bookmark-to-pdf

● Annotate A PDF 

Annotating refers to adding notes to give explanations and comments. The PDF format allows users to annotate since it facilitates the readers to understand a particular term, line, or section more clearly. Besides offering users the features to add bookmarks and change thumbnails, the Preview utility also facilitates them to annotate PDFs. 

To annotate a PDF using Preview, all users need to do is follow the given steps: 

Step 1 - Open the PDF they wish to annotate using Preview. 
Step 2 - Navigate to the “Tools” section. 
Step 3 - Select the option labeled “Annotate.” 

Using Preview’s annotation tool, users can add text, make shapes like circles, triangles, etc., and easily make customizations on forms or files. 

● Add Signatures To PDF Files 

PDF signatures are mostly used to verify the legitimacy of files and the authorship of their contents. Using the Preview app, macOS users can also add signatures to PDFs. To do so, users need to follow the given steps: 

Step 1 - Open the desired PDF file using Preview. 
Step 2 - Navigate to the “Tools” section. 
Step 3 - Click on the “Annotate” option. 
Step 4 - Click on the option labeled “Signature.” 

● Display Or Present PDFs As Slideshows 

When presenting PDF files, most macOS users prefer displaying them using Preview’s slideshow feature. To do so, users need to follow the given steps: 

Step 1 - Open the PDF in the Preview application. 
Step 2 - Click on the “View” menu, followed by the “Slideshow” option. 
Step 3 - To control the slideshow, use the navigation buttons or controls at the screen’s bottom. 

Thanks to its amazing features, the Preview app is a solid option for viewing and editing PDFs. Any Mac user who wishes to know about Preview’s PDF-related features can refer to the aforementioned points.

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