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Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful methods of advertising today. With a growing number of web browsers utilizing ad-blockers and social media users getting sick of expensive native ads, influencer marketing is an effective and affordable option. Enjoy this growing number of articles from influencer marketing experts from around the globe: 

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More influencer marketing articles and blog posts coming soon to The Social Selling Entrepreneur! 

Influencer Marketing Insights

These days, it is harder than ever to reach your target audience online. Ad blockers, streaming services and viewability issues are wreaking havoc on traditional advertising methods. Social media marketing influencers promote your product or service with their loyal followers, which are your soon-to-be customers! Influencer marketplaces and platforms are great solutions to reducing the amount of time spent on profiling and connecting with new influencers – time that can rather be channeled into optimizing your campaign. Simple AD & PR is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform for global marketers, from giant brands to small agencies or individuals. With a mission to make influencer marketing easier, Simple AD & PR streamlines the whole workflow of influencer marketing for both sides, advertisers and influencers. And because we want to save you time, we've created a unique influencer service. 

What Do Influencer Marketplaces Offer? An influencer marketplace is basically an online platform that connects marketers with influencers in similar industries or social channels. For example, you can find a marketplace just for Instagram fashion influencers, or a YouTube influencer marketplace just for foodies, or a single marketplace to search for both. Our are self-serve influencer marketing platform, which means that you can manage influencer campaigns in-house instead of using an agency. Our influencer marketplace have the added marketing tools, making full end-to-end solutions. 

The database Simple AD & PR features influencers across all major social networks, as well as podcasts, SoundCloud, and individual blogs. Simple AD & PR ensures that every influencer in its database has been accurately vetted and verified. This is one of the reasons they’re so successful, because the time you spend on outreach is not wasted on low-quality or inactive influencers. Simple AD & PR also offers some great, unique features, including pricing guidelines based on survey and internal marketplace transaction data, detailed engagement stats and reporting, and influencer-led offers. 

Influencer-led offers are a great way for brands to connect with influencers that are keen to work with them, without having to spend the time setting up a campaign and doing outreach. Instead, relevant influencers come to them with an offer they can accept, negotiate or decline. Simple AD & PR is well-priced and does not require any lengthy commitments, minimum spends, or budgets. This makes it an easy platform on which to scale up (or down) as quickly and easily as you like.

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