Top Delivery Vehicles For E-Commerce Businesses

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Owning an e-commerce business has the great benefit of having low overheads, as you don’t need a premise and everything can be managed from a computer, meaning you can make the most of management software to keep staffing to a minimum. When it comes to the products, you can look for a product sourcing agent in Auckland to make it easier. 

However, you will still have real products that you need to deliver. Larger companies often outsource to a delivery company such as Hermes however, if you’re a small company that is just starting out you will be able to keep costs lower by delivering them yourself. Here, we take a look at the best delivery vehicles for you to invest in.


If you make small deliveries on a frequent basis a car would be the best option for you. You will need a car that is reliable and that does plenty of miles to the gallon so that you can keep your delivery fuel costs nice and low. Toyota are known for having great build quality and won’t let you down by breaking down in the middle of a tight delivery schedule. Repairs will also be few and far between, which helps you to keep costs low. 

The Toyota Yaris in particular is perfect for a delivery car. It is compact and easy to park, with a great turning radius which will help you to quickly deliver items and set off to the next address. It is also deceptively spacious inside which is great for those days when you have a quite a few products to deliver. It is very dependable, but if it does ever break down or need a tow then you can depend on Car recovery London


When your business starts to take off and there are more deliveries to make, or if the products you specialize in are larger, you need to consider a van rather than a car. With vans, you are also looking for plenty of internal space whilst making sure they are also compact enough externally for easy maneuverability. As a delivery driver, you can often find yourself needing to access tricky spaces. Another thing to look out for is sliding side doors as well as the usual rear door, which make it easier for you to access items which are buried deep in the van. We would recommend the Fiat Fiorino which ticks all these boxes as well as having a foldable second row of seats, so you can use it for personal journeys too. 

Pick-Up Truck 

Pick-up trucks are another option and are the ultimate choice when it comes to easy access to your products. They are open-top, so you need to make sure your items are weather-proof and that you invest in waterproof coverings to avoid delivering wet goods. We would recommend the Mitsubishi L200 as it has a spacious and durable load area as well as two rows of seats, and a number of luxury features; ensuring a comfortable journey. This is important when you have a long delivery schedule. 

Remember, an insurance policy is a MUST have when it comes to trade vehicles and there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a delivery vehicle for your e-commerce business. From cars, to vans and pick-up trucks, it is important to look for build-quality, space, and easy maneuverability when making your decision. 

Delivering Business Success

Once you choose the right delivery vehicle(s), your ecommerce business is primed to deliver success. For more online business tips to drive smart success, take a further look at our resources here at

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