How To Apply For An Irish Passport

how to apply for irish passport online vs offline process

Ireland is a beautiful country that you need to visit as soon as possible. But getting a passport these days can be confusing and difficult, especially in the age of Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Did you know there are ways you can get an Irish passport without being stressed? Consider yourself a lucky person if you are reading this because we are about to show you the easiest ways of getting an Irish passport online, even during the Coronavirus pandemic. You won't need "the luck of the Irish" for your passport approval with our guide.

Before we mention the steps you need to take to get an Irish passport, we would like you to know that only Irish citizens are eligible for an Irish passport. So, if you aren’t an Irish citizen yet, ensure you complete the citizenship application Ireland form and become an Irish citizen before you take the steps below. 

Online Application For Irish Passport 

You can follow these steps when applying for an Irish passport online. 

Step 1 

Visit passport online and complete the online application form available there. Send your original documents to the Passport Service when you complete the online form. The basic documents that you are expected to submit include the following: 

· Proof of your name 

· Proof of address 

· Your civil birth certificate 

· Your civil marriage certificate (require if the name you bear now isn’t the same as the name on your birth certificate) 

· Original copy of a government-issued ID card or document having your full name and Photo. 

· Your original naturalization certificate (if you became an Irish citizen by naturalization) 

Meanwhile, it is pertinent you note that a few additional documents may be demanded from you. 

Step 2 

Prepare a digital photograph of yourself for submission. We recommend that you contact a photo provider to get your digital photograph on a portable storage device or to obtain a unique code that can function as your digital photograph. However, if you own a digital camera, you may capture your image at home. Just make sure the image includes your waist upwards. 

Step 3 

Verify your identity using an identity verification form. If you live within Ireland, you must take your form to a member of the Garda Síochánafor signature before submitting it. In case you live outside Ireland, someone whose profession is listed on the passport online can be your witness. 

Step 4 

Submit your documents to the Passport Service. We have listed the basic documents that you are expected to submit above. But like we mentioned earlier, the passport service may demand additional documents from you. To get a full list of all the documents you need, you should print an Application Cover Page after you have completed your application. 

Kindly note that photocopied documents are not allowed. We recommend that you use suitable envelopes to deliver all your documents to ensure safe delivery. The Passport Service also recommends the use of a secure postage method. Note that all applicants from Ireland will receive a postage label. 

Applicants outside Ireland can send their documents through the nearest Irish Embassy if they don’t have access to any reliable postal service. 

Offline Application For Irish Passport

This can be done in person or through the Passport Express. Moreover, you should note that application in person takes a longer time to process for those registering for the first time since it is designed primarily for passport renewal and not for fresh Irish passport applications. 

Hence, we recommend that you apply through Passport Express rather than applying in person. Here are the steps you need to take when applying through Passport Express: 

Step 1 

If you live in Ireland, visit Garda stations or a post office to obtain the form APS 1. Complete the form and get other necessary documents ready for submission. The documents you need are the same as the ones we mentioned in step one of the online application method. 

Step 2 

Add four recent photographs of yourself to your application. Your witness needs to sign on the back of two photographs you are attaching to your application. Also, the witness should write the number in section 9 of the form on the back of the two photographs he/she signed on. Only a member of the Garda Síochána can be your witness if you are applying in Ireland. 

If you are applying from outside Ireland, the person acting as your witness must be among the suitable categories of individuals listed on the application form. And your witness is expected to write their daytime contact number on the form. 

Step 3 

Submit your application form and documents to Passport Express. Your application will be processed within 20 days for approval or denial for Ireland. 

Bottomline On Irish Passport Applications

Irish citizens who wish to get Irish passports can apply for them both online and offline. Both ways are hassle-free once you know the right steps to take for an Ireland passport online or offline. By now, we believe you know the right steps to take in your application, so kindly go ahead and apply for your Irish passport.

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