4 SEO Keyword Research Tips For Service Companies

seo keyword research tips service companies

The majority of online searches involve the king of search engines: Google. So how does your service-based business get ranked properly and higher on Google? A major search engine optimization (SEO) tactic is to find relevant and targeted keywords that make a connection between what your ideal target market is searching for and the services you provide. With the right keywords and content you can boost business in the service industry while helping searchers in need.

How To Get Found When People Search For Your Service

Where do you go when you need to find a lawyer, restaurant or interior designer? To Google, of course! But with so many businesses competing for everyone’s attention, if you are a service-based business you really need to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) as one of your main One of the main components of SEO is to find relevant and targeted keywords that make a connection between what your ideal target market is searching for and the services you provide. Here are 3 SEO keyword research strategies to help service-based businesses get started: 

1. Deep Dive In To Your Business 

You can’t develop an SEO keyword strategy for your service-based business until you understand who’s coming to your site and what they’re looking for. Head to your Google Analytics account and look at stats like: What keywords people are using to land on your site What pages they are leaving or staying on? Their geographic location Then, you can fine-tune which keywords to target (like adding city names to service-based phrases), see which keywords aren’t showing up in your data, and create content to enhance the user experience. 

2. See What The Competition Is Doing 

Whether it is a company who has been in the business for years and appears in the top-ranking position or a newer service-based business on the scene, you need a picture of the competitive keyword landscape. See who comes up when you Google what your customers are looking for. Find out who else is selling your services in a specific location. Make a note of the type of content they provide potential customers and how well optimized their site is for certain keywords. This helps you understand which keywords they are and aren’t targeting. 

3. Focus On Longtail Keywords For Search

The more general the keyword, the harder it will be to rank for that search term. Service-based businesses should also be researching and utilizing longtail keywords – those keywords that are ultra-specific to whatever you are selling. While they may bring in less traffic than high ranking, shorter keywords, the traffic they do bring in is very targeted. Maybe you’re a tax accountant who specializes in returns for people who own a second home in another country. Or a home staging expert who mostly works in three-bedroom ranchers in the east side of the city. Whatever your niche is, let the local world and Google know! 

4. Build Bigger And Better Backlinks For Your Service Business

Want all of your keyword research to get even better results? You can boost your website ranking significantly on Google by building bigger and better backlinks to your sites. Through guest posting, collaborations, high-quality content, social media and SEO services. 

You can also generate a plethora of valuable free backlinks to buoy your keywords and content. Backlink building is essential to your SERP success.

First Keyword Research, Then An Overall SEO Strategy For Service Companies

SEO is a necessity for any service-based company – whether your company is all online or has a storefront location. Do your research to develop a solid keyword strategy that will help you dominate the local search rankings on Google. You don’t have to do SEO solo! Why not hire an expert in professional search engine optimization? They will do your keyword research and SEO strategy the right way so you can focus on building your business in other ways outside of Google search.

I hope you enjoyed this article about search engine optimization research tips for service businesses looking to rank higher on Google.

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