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Email communication is one of the most powerful marketing tool available. It has the ability to generate leads, engage customers, and amass sales. Despite such strong prominence and ability, many law firms fail miserably to convert through email. There are a number of reasons for an email marketing campaign not resonating with its intended audience. Chances are many attorneys are making the same mistakes repetitively. Let us have a look at the essentials of business attorney email marketing, and why law firm need to include in their marketing campaign for stellar results. 

Optimize Emails For Mobile 

Mobile devices are so ubiquitous previously that they simply cannot be ignored. With the invention in technology, approximately 80% of American adults own the smartphone that can handle nearly every task, which is completed on desktop. Besides this, more people are using smartphones to open up and respond to their emails. According to the Forrester Research, more than 50% of emails from retailers are opened on tablet devices. This shows the strength of email marketing, and consumers’ willingness to respond from that medium. Precisely, if you want to hit your customers, it is advisable to business attorneys to optimize their emails to be mobile responsive for the increase in smartphone users. In the event of neglecting this major domain, you are missing massive portions of your audience who cannot be bothered with cumbersome email formats. 

However, it is not just your email that needs to be optimized. Rather, your landing pages and home page need to be optimized as well. Hence, as a law firm if you are looking forward to connecting with your clients, then optimize your website and email marketing efforts for mobile as well. 

Be Human 

The best marketing strategy is personalized marketing. You need to address to your client, as you are talking to him/her one-on-one. This is a common fact that nobody wants to interact with any piece of content if there is no personality permeating through the prose, be it blog posts or emails. Emails without personalized content are considered as boring emails that serve no purpose for your marketing efforts. As a business attorney, if you want to sell your services to your existing or potential clients, it is advisable to engage your recipients with an excellent story. Tell them how effectively you have solved your client’s problems so that they will consider hiring your services as indispensable for their problem. Presently, customers are not paying heed to the sales messages; rather they have shown great resistance to sale messages. 

However, when business law firms use humanistic element in their marketing campaigns to attract consumers or tell them an inspiring story that defiance becomes minimized, and sales pitch becomes less abstract to the clients and looked more like the firm care for their problems or issues. 

Stating The Need Of Hiring A Business Attorney 

Besides the human factor, it is advisable to state the need for hiring a business attorney in your marketing campaign. Further, how they can help you in solving your issue. Precisely, well-crafted email marketing campaigns are vital as they keep your name in front of your network, and facilitate people to associate your business with authority and credibility.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the essentials of email marketing for business attorneys, lawyers, and law practices.

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