Big Benefits Of Email Marketing For Business

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Many companies are recognizing the benefits of professional email marketing and are starting to build up that activity. Many big and small businesses have begun to send all newsletters and product information via e-mail - with great success and considerable cost savings. 

What Is Email Marketing?

There are many definitions for 'email marketing'; But basically it's just the extension of (direct) marketing to the possibilities that the Internet offers today. This applies in particular to the field of electronic mails (e-mails) and ranges from general newsletters to branding e-mails to personalized product information. 

E-mail marketing makes possible what entire marketing departments have always dreamed of: supplying the customer with personalized and relevant information, and thus establishing a targeted dialogue. Target groups thus become target persons. Advertising becomes a dialogue. 

However, e-mail marketing is still used in many companies mainly because of the sometimes dramatic cost savings. But we believe that effective email marketing should be seen more broadly - and apart from the lower costs, there are some other important benefits! 

The Most Important Advantages At A Glance 

For many companies, e-mail marketing is already an integral part of the marketing mix. This is hardly surprising when you look at the advantages of e-mail marketing, for example, compared to traditional direct marketing - because the dissemination of information via e-mail is now much easier and faster: 

Lower Costs 

Since most production steps are purely digital, you save on both materials (paper, envelopes) and the time required for handling (printing, enveloping, etc.). In addition, the shipping costs (postage) are dramatically lower. Of course, there are also costs, such as service provider fees, software licenses and design fees, as well as the integration of e-mail texts, services for answering and evaluating e-mails. According to experts, however, an average of 20 percent of the costs can be saved compared to the costs for classic marketing measures. You should meet with app developers to integrate email marketing into your mobile app. 

High Speed

E-mail marketing is much faster. First, because many intermediate steps and handling during production are eliminated (printing, enveloping, etc.). Secondly, because the delivery itself takes place within a few minutes, while in the classic mailing alone, the mailing usually takes several days to book. In contrast to traditional information media, e-mail marketing offers the ability to quickly create value-oriented messages with minimal production effort. The short duration from the sending of information to the realization of the results also allows a short-term assessment of the success of the measures. 

Easy Handling 

Your newsletter will be sent by e-mail within a few minutes. Managing recipients, creating content, creating and sending e-mails - you can do all this with a standard PC with no specialized knowledge, without ever having to leave your desk. These advantages can be enjoyed by contacting app developers to help with email marketing apps. 

Better Success Control 

Professional email marketing tools are able to provide you with important, comprehensive information and metrics about the success of your campaigns: how many emails were actually opened, which links were clicked, which orders were made based on the newsletter. E-mail marketing provides a basis for decision-making that direct marketing cannot offer in this form. 

You can also get additional analytics to determine how successful your email marketing is for your company's bottom line. Integrating your email campaigns with Salesforce is a smart idea. Connecting WhatsApp and Salesforce for sales and customer service will add even more to the overall success of your email marketing and digital advertising campaigns.


Only through email marketing can you enable the recipient to contact you directly: this can be a link to your website for more information, as well as the opportunity for a poll, participation in a competition or a contact form. E-mail marketing offers direct feedback options: Customers can place orders immediately or send inquiries about e-mail information. Interactive elements such as surveys can be realized quickly. For example, customers who have been e-mailed about new products may be asked if they accept this type of advertising - thereby avoiding wastage. 


In an e-mail, you do not have to pack all the information together; You can easily link to more information on your website via links. Thus, the recipient is not overburdened with messages, but can specifically get the information that is relevant to him. This saves you time in compiling the documents and helps your recipient to obtain targeted information that is particularly interesting for him.

No Waste Needed 

If you use permission-based email marketing, you can reduce spills to zero; After all, your recipients have actively signed in to receive the information they want. And if they do not want to, recipients can simply sign out - and your database stays clean. If needed, you can also manually remove some subscribers that haven't marked your emails as spam or unsubscribed but simply have never opened your emails after many completed sends.

Room For Experiments 

Due to the much simpler handling, it is also easier to carry out different experiments: Share your target group, send slightly varied e-mails (which differ e.g. in message, style, content or layout). This allows you to quickly distinguish between "top" or "flop" and dramatically increase the impact of your advertising activities. Such "A/B tests" are now being carried out automatically by professional e-mail marketing tools. 

Larger Rewind 

Since the recipients of permission-based e-mail marketing have actively signed in for information, the attention is usually much higher - and therefore (and because the feedback often requires only a single click) and the return significantly higher than direct marketing. While you'd be happy with response rates as low as 0.5% for post-mail, you can easily get ten times more in e-mails and more. You should meet with app developers to integrate email marketing into your mobile app. 

Simple Updating Of Your Email Database 

You can use this form to give the recipient the opportunity to update and correct their own data. This will keep your database up-to-date and with much less effort. 

Higher ROI With Email Marketing

E-mail marketing ensures a higher return at lower costs; It is, therefore, clear that ROI (return on investment) is usually much better than with e-mail marketing. You should meet with app developers to integrate email marketing into your mobile app.

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