Selecting The Best Real Estate CRM

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Real Estate CRM software can help you keep track of your customers – manage existing customers and also reach out to potential new customers. You can also use the CRM software for connecting with buyers and vendors. It can seamlessly link your marketing, sales, customer support and inventory management activities, thus allowing your team to work more efficiently and effectively. 

There are multiple vendors who offer CRM for real estate. How do you choose one that is best for your business? Let us first look at what are the must-have features in a good real estate CRM software. 

Email Tracking And Automation 

If you have not deployed a seamless system, it will be a time-consuming and painful task to retrieve data from your emails. You will have to keep a tab on all the conversations happening between your team, the vendors, the customers, the potential leads etc. A good CRM software should be able to integrate email services and offer you all the information you need at a glance. This can help save time and improve efficiency. 


Your brokers and agents are always on the move, hunting for more business. A Real estate CRM solution should be one that can support mobile apps. This ensures that you always have access to important data while you are on the field. Also, your team should be able to access and update the data from anywhere, thus keeping everyone apprised of the latest updates. The database also acts a one-stop shop for all information. 

Listing And Closing Features 

Your real estate CRM software should allow you to list and close details so that you do not leave anything to chance. The system should allow you to use plans as is or customize them to your requirement. Your retail CRM system should allow you to list home amenities easily such as solar panels, fireplaces, energy efficient HVAC systems, appliances, smart home technology, and security systems. 

Marketing Functionality 

Your realtor CRM software should seamlessly integrate into your marketing function allowing you to keep in touch with your current clients, brokers, agents, vendors and also to follow up with your potential leads. Remember to ensure user-friendliness otherwise you will face resistance from your team to deploy it. 

While choosing a CRM for your real estate business, it is important to keep in mind the following. 

Identify Your Requirements 

Clearly assess your requirements and the need for a CRM software before even beginning a search for one. List down what are the must-haves in your CRM software as per your business needs. List down features that you are ok to compromise on. Answer questions like are you looking only for a database management software or do you want the software to manage transactions as well. Are you looking for a marketing tool? Do you want a CRM system that automates certain tasks? Does it need to have a color-coded dashboard? How much customization are you looking for? Answering such questions gives you a clearer idea of what to look for and makes the selection process simpler. 

Look For The Correct Solution 

Once you have identified your business requirements, it is time to choose CRM software as per the needs. Again you should answer questions like are you looking for a specific CRM for real estate or a general CRM software would suffice. Look for a software which will solve your problems regardless of whether it is specifically for real estate or no. 

Settle For A Cloud-Based Solution 

A cloud-based solution is a must today as it guarantees the optimum level of data security. You also don't have to worry about software upgrades slowing or stopping your work. You can continue smoothly operating the CRM tool from anywhere and also access it via your mobile as the cloud is compatible with mobile apps. 

Check For Compatibility 

It makes business sense to look for a CRM solution with a great reputation that is compatible with your existing tools and set up. If it is not, you will have to invest double the cost and effort to make it compatible. You have to key in data at multiple places manually and this may also increase the risk of human errors. Look for a system that simplifies and eases out your life. 


This is a very important step that most businesses miss out. Always benchmark your CRM software against what other companies are using. Ask for reviews from real estate agents and brokers. Is the solution to serving their requirements well? How is the customer support? Is it easy to use? You can check social media for reviews and also check with your colleagues. There are multiple sites which offer unbiased reviews of different CRM software. They can also help to a large extent. You could also shortlist 2-3 vendors and ask them to give you a trial/demo for a few days. This can give you and your team a hands-on feel of the software and make the selection process easier. 

Ramp Up Your Real Estate Right Now

To conclude, there are multiple vendors offering specific CRM for real estate. Whether or not you need it and what features you need is something you need to deliberate upon. Do your homework, check around, speak to people, compare vendors and offerings, if possible get a couple of trial demos and only then make an informed purchase. 

The right real estate CRM software will help you sell more houses and rent more properties!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to go about selecting the best real estate CRM system software for realtors or real estate investors.

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