10 Ways Meditation Improves Network Marketing Business

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True network marketing success lies in self-development. The more we help others achieve success, the more we benefit. Find out, 10 Ways Meditation Improves Your Network Marketing Business in the insightful article below. 

I began meditating recently, along with blogging and yoga every day. I have already noticed some amazing things that can benefit not only anybody, but especially network marketing leaders. Network marketing is about helping others find success through Direct selling, either financially, mentally, or physically. It has been said that “network marketing is one big self-development course.” You are responsible for leading others and creating a large organization where everyone is on the same page: inspired, motivated, and ready to expand their own businesses. 

The best leaders are well-rounded, highly charismatic, and obsessed with success and seeing others succeed. They are selfless. They want to see you succeed before they do. The fastest way to become a leader is to overhaul what’s inside of us, our rampant egos, our negative self-talk, and our lack of drive. How do we overhaul the inside? Meditation. There is no quicker way to MLM success in a top network marketing company.

Here’s 10 Ways Meditation Improves Your Network Marketing Business

1. Clarity 

Having extra clarity from meditation allows you to map out your business in detail and understand what move you need to take next. This clarity only comes from the stillness that meditating brings. Some of the biggest Entrepreneurs in the world meditate first thing in the morning. 

2. Focus 

We need to become laser-focused on our business objectives. It’s very hard these days to remain focused when we have social media, apps, and TV to look at and are constantly barraged with advertisements and messages from others. Meditation works on improving our focus by disregarding any thoughts that come to mind as we sit still. 

3. Calm 

Meditating promotes inner calm, which allows us to continue our daily hustle as home based business owners with less stress and anxiety. Meditation improves our control over external situations. We have a choice to give a situation or person power only if we react. Not reacting to situations leads to calm. There are situations in network marketing and in business that we cannot control, either someone quits our business, we get a rude prospect, or business isn’t growing as fast as we want it to. Having a steady calm will prevent us from overreacting and potentially damaging our reputation or killing our business altogether. 

4. Genius 

Meditation has been scientifically proven to increase grey matter in our brains and create new neuro pathways. With meditating, thoughts from the subconscious flow easier to our awareness and we can tap into our innate genius and come up with new ideas for our business. Having trouble coming up with content for your MLM blog or video channel? Meditating allows thoughts to pour in unexpected ways and turn ordinary ideas into clever network marketing tips. 

5. Voice 

After the first week of meditating, I noticed my words left my voice in a more fluid way and my writing became more efficient. My blog posts were getting bigger and better without using more effort. This was an interesting detail that I would have missed if I hadn’t been more self-aware using meditation. As business leaders, we need to be in top form when articulating our concepts to our teams and we need to be smooth in delivery when talking to new prospects. We are the face of our industry. We need to represent it intelligently for others to be attracted as legitimate entrepreneurs

6. Confidence 

Doing what others won’t do and practicing a discipline consistently is an achievement in itself, which breeds confidence. Meditating every day takes discipline. It is so easy to just turn on the TV or music instead. The longer we meditate the more breakthroughs we will have. Confidence is then a by-product of our achievements both with business and meditating. We will begin to look others in the eye with the solidity of a Zen warrior. The confidence you feel will translate into growing your network marketing business online and in person.

7. Freedom From Addictions 

Cravings for sugar, sex, alcohol or any other potential addiction can be reduced or eliminated with meditating. For network marketing leaders to maintain their high, contagious excitement for life and the Industry in order to attract prospects requires a top notch diet free from addictions. Meditating allows us to become unchained from these illusory feel-good, but deadly habits. 

8. Oneness 

Meditation makes you feel grounded, rather than floating from one daydream to the next. You slowly sink back into who you really are without the distractions of life, which can be scary at first, but as time passes a child-like quality will emerge that will bring unconditional happiness. People will become more attracted to you and your new MLM business because happiness is the desired state for all of us. 

9. Love 

Ah, love. Who doesn’t need more love? Loving yourself is the first step into finding ultimate happiness in life, in the multi-level marketing business, with family and friends. A life with love conquers all insecurities and darkness. A life of love is what we all seek in the end. By loving ourselves, we can love others. I felt insecure for so long because I didn’t love myself. Meditation finally allowed me to love myself which is empowering and scary at the same time. It’s time we face all our insecurities and truly be who we were meant to be. There is a bigger vision to be had in our MLM businesses and that’s to share the love we find within ourselves. 

10. A Higher Power 

Meditating allows us to get closer to the “source,” whatever you believe that source to be. I realized how small I am in the comparison of God. God is as powerful as the ocean and as loud as thunder. He or she can erode mountains and sink villages and cure Cancer. God is the being who tops athletes, celebrities and Entrepreneurs thank them when they achieve something great like MLM company success. You may not be a religious person, so you can think of your higher power as anyone and anything bigger than yourself.

Meditation keeps us aligned with this source. Depression and anxiety slip away when you are supported by the source and through meditation. I will take this a step further. . . Meditation allows the God inside of us to come out and boost your network marketing business

Mediate For More MLM Success

We are already divine and gifted and more powerful than we could possibly imagine. Think of the amazing things we have created in the last century. The Internet would have been unimaginable just 50 years ago. Now, we are facing a time when we can create lifelike robots and computers that can download all human information in 10 minutes. All of this creation seemed to come out of thin air, but actually it came from some Genius minds tapped into the source. Meditation allows us to be god-like, and in the process increase your MLM income. Harness the power of meditation to boost your network marketing success and quality of life!

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