The Many Benefits Of Gaylord Boxes

benefits of gaylord boxes storage warehouse shipping

Gaylord boxes are not particularly popular and most people tend to be confused when they are mentioned. Well, simply put, they are large boxes used for shipping purposes. They have been used in the shipping industry for decades now and for good reasons. They have a lot of benefits to offer, which we shall delve deeper into this read. 

Nowadays, many companies such as Verde Trader deal with both new and used Gaylord boxes and sometimes even buy from people. In the next section, we are to look at some of the reasons you should consider Gaylord boxes for your shipping needs or storage requirements. 

1. Strong 

One of the best features of Gaylord boxes is their sturdiness. They are strong, which makes them quite durable. They are made of corrugated cardboard, a light but sturdy material. It is made out of paper but it's extremely resistant to tears, splits, and bursts. 

The strength of Gaylord boxes is the primary reason why they are utilized for both shipping and storage. They can be used to carry both heavy and light materials without any problems for hours. 

2. Environmentally Friendly 

Gaylord boxes are easy to recycle and reuse. Yes, they are designed to be single-use boxes, but in this day and age, it is advisable to play your part in protecting our fragile environment through recycling. 

3. Wide Variety In Size 

Another huge benefit of Gaylord boxes is that they come in an array of sizes. This means you have the freedom to pick one based on your needs. Common sizes for Gaylord boxes vary between 40 to 46 inches in length, 24 to 48 inches in height, and 35 to 48 inches in width. 

4. Customized Options 

Another great thing about Gaylord boxes is that they are easily customizable. If you're shipping heavy items, you can utilize corrugated lines on the sides of the boxes to enhance their strength. In addition, if you're worried the contents might spoil due to moisture, you have the option to add plastic liners which adds more protection. 

It's also possible to pick your desired type of Gaylord box. Some will be already assembled when you receive them while others will be delivered as a flat box. To assemble the latter, you do not need any glue or staplers to do it properly. 

5. Make Multiple Small Shipments With One Box 

As earlier mentioned, Gaylord boxes are both large and sturdy. This means they can be used to dropship many shipments in a single box like these scooters for example. If you are looking to ship items in bulk, Gaylord boxes are your go-to solution. These boxes not only help you save space but reduce shipping expenses or warehouse storage costs.

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