10 Ways To Meet Someone New On New Year's Eve

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New Year's Eve is a big night in the dating and romance world. When you're single, it might seem like you're the only one without a romantic partner for the holidays and NYE. But instead of getting down about it, make it a challenge to meet someone new and maybe even get lucky on New Year's Eve! With a little work and planning, you'll meet a lucky lady or marvelous man on New Year's Eve for a one night stand or maybe even a lengthy romantic relationship.   

Here are 10 tips or activities to engage in on or before New Year's Eve to make it a memorable one with regards to romance.

1. Join An Adult Dating Site

The first step to meeting a new romantic partner on New Year's Eve is to sign up for an adult dating site. Signing up for top adult dating sites like No Strings Dating will allow you the opportunity to talk with all types of beautiful single men and women from your area and beyond. Make sure you do this as soon as possible to allow for as much conversation time and planning prior to the big night. Put in the time on your dating profile and making conversation with your romantic prospects.

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2. Attend A New Year's Eve Party, Event, Or Public Celebration Venue

If you really want to meet someone new, it won't be by sitting on your couch watching Netflix. If you don't set up a 1-on-1 date, you need to attend a New Year's Eve party or group gathering. If you can't find one, at least attend a local event or be at a public place where they are celebrating, even if the local bar is the best you can do. You have to give yourself the opportunity to succeed so get out there and be proactive.

3. Start Your New Year's Resolution To Get In Shape BEFORE New Year's Eve!

Another great option to increase your chances of meeting someone new on NYE is to start getting in shape before the big night. Losing a few pounds, toning up, and getting healthier is always a great idea. Not only will your physique and skin look better, but you will feel more confident and energetic. It will be visible to potential lovers on the big night and even help your performance later on!

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4. Practice Your Small Talk

No we're not telling you to memorize some lame pickup lines, they don't work and are just insulting these days. Just think of some talking points and positive topics to talk about to increase your appeal as either a short term or long term romantic option.

5.  Dress To Impress

Pick out your favorite outfit or buy some new threads for New Year's Eve. That way you'll look and feel your best, which will increase your confidence and appeal. Dress to impress for the specific location you will be attending, or dress in a way that will work for multiple settings. Whatever you do, just don't look like a slob or that you don't care, it will be a major turnoff.

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6.  Drink Responsibly

No we're not telling you to that you have to stay sober or have no fun on New Year's Eve. Just remember that getting too drunk might end up with your game getting too sloppy, frustration, or just exhaustion. All of these outcomes can seriously reduce your chances of getting lucky, or at least meeting someone new, on New Year's Eve. Stay hydrated, make sure to eat, and pace yourself with the booze.

7. Make A Toast

Want to make a big impression at the party or gathering you're at on New Year's Eve? Make a toast in front of everyone to . This isn't an option for everyone, if you're a shy person or not a good public speaker it could negatively impact your chances, but for some this could be a guarantee to hook up. 

8. Be Ready To Buy Some Drinks

While you shouldn't drink too much or encourage anyone to drink too much, you should however be prepared to be chivalrous and pay for some drinks. Don't skimp on the number of drinks or quality of spirits / champagne / beer, it's not the time to save a few bucks! Go big or go home and be a gentleman.

9.  Have A Backup Plan

While you should plan to attend a main NYE party or event, you always want to have a backup plan. If your first gathering isn't going well and there aren't any romantic prospects, you want another event or person to fall back on.

10. Update Your Social Media Profiles

When it comes to trying to date or hook up, social media can be your biggest asset or liability depending on how you use and maintain it. Clean up any pictures of ex's, inappropriate tweets, or other controversial posts. Scantily clad pictures may help or harm you so that's debatable, but other types of off-color posts are a definite no-no. Think of your social media profiles as your other dating profiles, and almost consider it like you would for a job interview in terms of what you want out there attached to your name.

As you know from other articles here on Social Selling Entrepreneur, you are always selling yourself on social media. It's imperative to show yourself in the best light (while still being updated and accurate).

Meet A Hottie On NYE

Now that you know the top 10 ways to meet someone new on New Year's Eve, it's time to prepare! Take these suggestions to heart as you prepare for NYE and any future dating or hookup opportunities that may arise after! Have fun and happy new year!

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