SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Opened In May 2023

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All of the construction has been completed on the new SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, a joint venture between SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and Miral, a resort developer based in United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi once fully constructed will be one of several attractions at the new Miral Yas Island resort development, which also includes a large indoor mall, a Grand Prix race track, a luxury marina, a championship golf course, and seven hotels. The Sea World Water Park completed construction will be the crown jewel of this new property development for UAE tourism when it now opened in May 2023.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Investors

The businesses and investors behind this new SeaWorld location say that it is a privilege to partner with Miral, a best-in-class organization, to build the first new SeaWorld park in over 30 years and the first park outside of North America.

Miral Yas Island is a visionary and transformational project and is already becoming a landmark destination for global travelers. They are thrilled SeaWorld will be a part of this special place in the United Arab Emirates, which will further expand our vitally important marine life research, rescue, conservation, and education efforts in the region. 

UAE SeaWorld Construction Specs

At nearly two million square feet, the new SeaWorld park UAE will be one of the world’s largest indoor theme parks. A massive aquarium will anchor the park that the company is billing as "one of the world’s largest and most progressive indoor aquariums." According to a recent press release, the water park will be divided into 'six distinct realms which tell a unified and immersive "One Ocean" story'. 

The park will also be home to SeaWorld Rescue Abu Dhabi, the first dedicated marine research, rescue, rehabilitation, and return center in the UAE. Unlike the SeaWorld theme parks in the United States, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will have only a handful of rides and focus more on animal and educational exhibits. Exceptional animal treatment, top notch facilities, and positive public relations will be primary priorities for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi developers.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi UAE is scheduled to open in 2023 if there is no further delay in construction of funding due to the Covid-19 economic aftermath of labor shortages and supply chain disruptions. With the Coronavirus recovery still underway due to successful vaccinations, this SeaWorld location opening should stay on schedule, and hopefully not pushed to a spring 2023 opening date. The latest conflicts in Asia and Europe certainly didn't help the opening day to stay on schedule for the UAE business.

About SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment 

In its 60-year history, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has created a collection of 12 regional and destination theme parks, featuring marine animals and educational rides and exhibits. SeaWorld is also a world leader in rescuing and rehabilitating marine animals that are ill, injured, orphaned, or abandoned, with the goal of returning them to the wild. In its illustrious history, the company has helped more than 37,000 such underwater animals. 

SeaWorld's US operations have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans’ subsequent reluctance to travel. They are pleased to leverage global partnerships to expand SeaWorld’s reach overseas through projects such as the one with Miral in Abu Dhabi UAE. This will be a big business move for SeaWorld in the United Arab Emirates to begin going forward and may spur other global expansions if successful. 

A Fresh Start For SeaWorld In 2023 Thanks To Abu Dhabi

The Sea World water park acceptance and appeal is much higher in other parts of the world than its original location in the United States due to bad publicity, controversy, and the documentary Blackfish. This new Sea World water parks Abu Dhabi location could be a fresh new start for the struggling brand name in 2023. Hopefully it can be opened and fully profitable before 2024 for the sake of the property investors.

As far as the success of the new water park Sea World goes, we will just have to see...

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