How To Get More Instagram Followers: 10 Strategies To Boost Engagement

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The new algorithm of Instagram makes it harder for people to grow followers on Instagram than ever before. In the current year, we need a new approach and strategy to get more Instagram followers. But what should be your game-changing growth strategy but how to get more Instagram followers. Don’t fret, here are some tips that you need to conquer new Instagram algorithm and expand your network on Instagram. 

Following Growth: How To Get More Instagram Followers: 

These proven tips could help you to grow your Instagram following count and make the good impressions that compel users to click on the follow and like buttons. Here's how to grow your followers on Instagram quickly and naturally while maximizing post engagement:

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tips

• One of the best strategies to get followers fast is to promote your profile on your social profiles and business cards. You can use your Instagram handle in your email as your signature. More than that, you can send your handle to your email subscribers through instant message. 

• Use the popular or trending hashtags in your post. If some celebrity is in trending, you can find a way to create a post and mention the celebrity in this post. 

• When you are going to write a caption. Think about the kind of post that the user would stop to read; posts like questions, story or humor tend to draw the attention of the people and get more engagement. 

• Keep you alive in the mind of the people with regular post. Consider posting two times a day with regular intervals. Post early in the morning and after work in the evening. This way, you can get more likes and comments. If you have not the time to post at the right time, you can schedule your post. Use post scheduling tools like Hootsuite or an Instagram bot. 

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• Post photos without filters because people tend to like (more) photos with no filter. But photo should be clear, and bright. Take photos with the right angle and adjust its brightness. Moreover, if you are not using a filter, consider using a natural light source when taking the shot. Thereby, it will give your photo in-depth meaning and feel and give your IG business a good reputation for attractive images. 

• Encourage your followers and potential audience to tag your friends in the comments. For instance, tag someone you know who is going on vacation. Thereby, your account will be exposed to the large network of people on Instagram. 

• If you are looking for growing your network, drive website traffic and generate sales then consider running a contest on Instagram. Ask people to follow your Instagram account to enter the contest, comment on your posts or like the photos. Develop a particular hashtag and use it with the post. 

• One of the best ways to grow your audience on Instagram is to share user-generated content. Find the best user content on the internet and feature it on your Instagram page while giving credit the original user. 

• If you want to extend your post reach and increase your followers then consider collaborating with influencers or mega-bloggers through partnerships. 

Investing in a smart social media marketing strategy pays major dividends. Keep these Instagram social selling strategies in mind and your brand will blow up along with your sales. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to get more Instagram followers and boost engagement on IG.

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