4 Business Benefits Of Using Visual Content

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Do you know the old saying in marketing, "content is king?" Well, that's not entirely true in the modern digital age of marketing. If you want to know the true king when it comes to digital marketing, it is time to wise up! Visual content is king, along with context, and if you want to stay relevant online, visuals need to be a significant aspect of your marketing strategy. Learn why visual content is essential to your digital marketing strategy and the benefits you can receive below. 

So why does visual content reign supreme? 

It Is All In The Brain 

Please don't get the wrong idea; long-form content is still the bread and butter when it comes to appeasing the Google algorithms. The bots have gotten excellent at scouring text and understanding semantic relationships between ideas. But words aren't enough. While Google algorithms like text content—and will reward your site handsomely for making good use of ranking keywords—humans generally don't like too much text and prefer visual marketing

Visual Content In The Data

Humans greatly prefer images. A picture worth a thousand words? Try 60,000 words! According to research, humans process visual images sixty thousand times faster than text. Also, an estimated 90% of the information our brain takes in is visual. Images are easier to process since our visual cortex makes up a considerable part of our brain. Visual neurons comprise a full thirty percent of our cortex (the more recently evolved part of our brain), as opposed to just 8% for touch and 3% for hearing. So when it comes to data, including your content ads, nothing beats the power of the eye. Biology is indeed on your side with visual marketing for social media selling! 

Prioritizing Visual Content In Your Digital Marketing

Now that you know why visual content is so important, what about your website's content can you optimize? Consider the following: images videos infographics memes While each of these content types is critical to add to your digital media game, the one that stands out most is video. With the advent of sites like YouTube and TikTok, and the exponential increase in video ads on sites like Facebook and Instagram, the importance of visual content in media is showing itself to skew toward videos. 

Very Vivid Visuals

By all accounts, videos comprise the vast majority of internet traffic. While much of this comes from gaming and streaming, there is no doubt your visual content marketing game needs to get on board. Images can also play a key role in your content marketing. Powerful, clear photos can reemphasize your message and make it truly memorable. Most of us are visual learners, so an image aligning with a written message, or breaking up blog text, is a truly wise investment. 

When it comes to creating content, you should know all of your options. You don't have to be a graphic designer to produce the finest visual content. This online Photoshop alternative is a visual content creator that will help your website look perfect. 

Embrace The Potential Power Of Pictures And Vivid Videos

When asking yourself what is visual content marketing, it is important to understand that it does not have to replace your text-based content. Visual content enhances written content, so don't forget the power of an image. Read more valuable content on our website to enhance the visual content of your social media marketing or digital advertising.

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