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Apple has always been a company that seeks to offer different products to its consumers not only to build loyalty, but also to complement its long list of creations. That is, then, the main mission of its market, which is not limited only to devices and, on the contrary, sees in the services derived from them a reason for the nexus between the firm and its public. From this symbiosis of continuous interrelation, we must highlight the progress of apps or applications for laptops and especially the Apple operating system to shelter them: iOS. 

To be approved, your application goes through a process. Although you cannot establish reliable times, it takes an average of 3-10 business days to upload, although also –depending on the complexity- the process can take longer (there are even cases of a month). In any case, 3-10 days is only a based estimate as in fact, Apple does not offer any estimate on the time frame of the approval process. Throughout the process, Apple informs you of the status of your application and other particularities of the process. One of them is the classification according to the content itself. 

Now, how is the world of ios app development company? The answer has many outputs. From creating and developing native apps for iOS, working as an iOS Developer for a company, creating our own startup etc. 

Main Steps To Create iOS Applications 

1. The initial phase in which we have to define the idea of ​​the app we want to create. 

2. In the business phase we go into more details, but without developing anything. We must be clear about the business model that we follow with our application. What is the purpose of the app? If what you want is to generate income then you will have to define which monetization technique or techniques you will use. Define all this well before starting to develop 

3. Finally, the development and design phase is here. If necessary, get specialized teams in iOS mobile application development for the programming part. Remember that design is also an important part, especially for iPhone and iPad. In order to manage the app project, it is highly recommended that you have an experienced Project Manager. 

4. The launch and promotion phases of the app. This is where we have to upload the applications to the stores. 

Be Careful With The Design 

The icon of your app is the first thing the user sees. In that sense, you should focus on creating an icon that stands out from the rest. Keep in mind that in iOS all the icons are embedded in a square with rounded edges. In short, do not use to much text or a photograph. 

Check that it is recognizable in all sizes, even if it has to be reduced. And above all, be creative when designing it. 

To be an iOS programmer it is not only necessary to know the development environment and the necessary programming language. It is very important to start on the right foot and have a good foundation of programming fundamentals, especially a good foundation of object- oriented programming fundamentals. This base, not only will serve us to be iOS developers, but it will also serve us to develop on other platforms, such as Android, development of our own APIs, etc.

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