How To Check A Mobile Bank Account Balance

how to check bank account balance

In today's day and age, all bank users who have a bank account and use it for a number of activities and have become totally dependent on it for almost all of their money transactions. Therefore, checking banking details and balance inquiry is obviously the most sought-after by these users and customers all throughout the country. SBI, AKA the State Bank of India, is the bank that always tops the list of the best bank in the nation. It has always earned the trust of its users and is the first choice of its customers for the good quality of service and facilities that it provides for bank account members. 

The Banking Benefits 

But there was a problem these days that was prevailing and that was so because the users of these banks had to stand in long tiring queues if they had to get their passbook updated, get their SBI balance information. But this problem was also solved by the administration of this bank as they started giving the option of providing these services and facilities totally free of cost. The bank does this by providing a toll- free number wherein we can check the inquiry or the balance of our bank accounts or get any service whatever we need totally free of cost. 

This facility is so well suited and conducive for its customers that it can be availed at any place and at any point in time whenever and wherever the user wishes to avail it. These toll-free numbers just need a missed call to be made over it and the service whatever we require just gets available at our doors. 

The details of these numbers along with other very important details are here in mentioned below as: 

• SMS “MBSREG” to the number which is mentioned on its website, which is 9223440000. This process can be availed only when one would send the missed call using a registered mobile number. 

• Then the SBI bank will send its users an MPIN and also your user ID 

• One can then change the MPIN number using an SMS which is provided in the process of providing its services in the following format: 

• SMPIN<user ID><old MPIN><new MPIN> 

• Now then click to the accept option present therein on the terms and conditions that will be applied to it: 

• Then do this as the last step of the process as SACCEPT<user id><MPIN> 

how to check india state bank account balance from home mobile inquiry

The other way of availing this banking service is also available as: 

• The clients and the users are then required to give a missed call on the number which is 18004253800 or 1800112211. 

• One can also use this number 09223766666 to send an SMS and then check the balance SMS. 

• For a mini statement, the applicant should have a number registered to work out the same process: 

• Miss call to the other numbers, which are 18004253800 or 1800112211 is also possible by this means 

• An SMS format which is supposed to be followed as written in the given following format: 

• Send a message by typing MSTMT to 09223766666. 

Bank Balance Bottomline

The customers of these banks can also use the bank account and its details to get the mini financial statement of their accounts that they have with these banks. It also provides one more mobile banking service which sounds to be very important for its users. That is so if the users lose their password or the id number because of any reason, then they can get it again by using this particular feature of the bank.

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