Tools To Develop With Ruby

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We know that Ruby is one of the newest and most user-friendly programming languages available today. And that is why it is ideal to start in the world of programming. It is an elegant and expressive language, with program strategies that manipulate or write other programs. 

Web pages created with Ruby function as tools that have the ability to interact with large databases and perform complex operations. 

We could talk and talk about the benefits of Ruby, but to pass to the essential tools for a developer of this language, we can simply summarize those benefits: Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a Framework written in Ruby to make web applications that at some point used, or They continue to use such important sites as Twitter, SoundCloud, Github, among many others. 

It is solid and super fast, you can create a working prototype and publish it on the net in a couple of hours. It has a set of tools that allow you to create complex and scalable applications at Enterprise levels with relatively small programming teams. 

Now, let's talk about those tools that are essential when embarking on a project with ruby. 

Virtualization Software 

Although Rails is often used as a web backend for certain applications, it is more commonly used to program a complete web application, including the frontend. And of course, any web application worth its salt has to be well tested in various browsers, not just the one you have on your machine. That is why the use of virtualization software becomes essential. Among the most famous is VirtualBox (now owned by Oracle), which runs on all platforms and is free. Although you can also use Parallels, one of the preferred options if you work with Mac, or VMWare, a classic in the world of virtualization that does not disappoint. 


The favorite tool for similar results is without a doubt Firebug. Thanks to this extension for Firefox, you will be able to inspect the DOM, make changes to it, take a look at the HTTP requests made, debug Javascript code, analyze the performance of your application, and many other really useful activities during development. Essential. 

Database Client 

Although we can operate with the database from the command line, there are probably many operations that would be more comfortable to perform from a more friendly graphical interface. If you work with MySQL and you are on a Mac, the recommendation is that you download Sequel Pro. It is a very careful application, and with which you can manipulate any aspect of your database at will. If you prefer to have a web solution, which runs on all platforms, then phpMyAdmin is recommended, from which you can also do most of the operations entering with any browser. 

Task Organizer 

It is vital to have tasks organized. The done and the to-do, as well as that we mark short-term objectives and record any type of notes related to the tasks or bugs that serve as a knowledge base. For all this, and to organize teamwork, it is best to use an online service that fits the way you work. In this case, Pivotal Tracker is a great option, because it is an online task management web service that fits perfectly with the SCRUM work philosophy. But if we are talking about a more classic ticket environment, milestones, or if you simply prefer to be able to install the management tool on your server, Redmine is probably your best option. And since it is written in Ruby on Rails, you can always easily extend it to adapt it to your needs. 

Final Thoughts On Ruby Developer Tools

In conclusion, it can be said that these tools have become essential for many programmers in their day-to-day lives, especially when working with ruby ​​on rails development Company.

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