How To Do Worldwide SEO

how to do worldwide seo global search engine optimization strategy

Worldwide SEO is also known as international or global SEO. It involves optimizing your website so that it ranks highly on search engines in different countries. 

Depending on the service or product you offer, you will find that most of your website visitors are from other countries. They may speak different languages, have different languages, yet they are frequent visitors to your website. 

It is an indicator that you can optimize your website to rank highly in search engines in their countries for the services sought. To optimize your website for more than one country you need an agency that offers you the skill and expertise to execute your plans and realize your global vision. 

Here are the main ingredients for a successful worldwide SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. 

Decide On The Countries You Want To Target 

The first step for a successful worldwide SEO strategy is selecting the countries that you want your website to rank in. 

Quick market research will help you find out the countries you need to choose. Check your website analytics. Look for the countries with the most traffic to your website. These are the countries that you seek to have your website rank highly on searches that originate there. 

Also, this determine your target audience's needs and demographics in the target countries. 

Translate Your Website Pages 

Translating the pages of your website is another important step to conquering global SEO. If the countries you are targeting speak a different language, your content should be in their language to make it easy to understand and engage. 

The easy but not so effective way to do this is to make your pages so that the search engine users can translate the content for readers around the world. 

Or, have your website content pages written in different languages. It is a more effective method. Hire a native writer to translate your content contextually and then post it on your website in different languages. It will be easier to read and understand unlike when translated by technology. 

Use -hreflang tags on our website to indicate the language in which the content is written. 

Have Country-Specific URLs 

Localize your website URL to each of the countries that you target for global SEO. IT will help to redirect visitors to your website to the relevant information in their language. You can do this by buying a URL for all the countries that you need to target. 

Having a local website URL also helps to connect with you and build a brand. A brand is something that your target audience can connect to, love, and trust. 

If one of the countries you are targeting is Brazil, you will create your content in Portuguese and your website will have a local URL. This will happen in every other country that you target on a global level with SEO. 

Social Media 

Make sure that your social media is active and engages with your audience. Social media connects people from all corners of the world. 

If audiences from countries that don’t speak your language ask questions, make sure to engage with them. 

You can do this by hiring native speakers of the language to answer questions and engage on social media in the tone of your content. 

Social media engagement ensures that you can retain the loyalty of your audiences. If you don’t respond to their queries, they will stop asking and also avoid engaging with your content. 

Similarly, make sure to create a community on your social media pages. All your followers from the different countries of the world should feel and engage as part of the community. A community enhances trust and builds fans to compliment SEO and SEM. This ensures that more and more people love and engage with your websites. 

SEO Like A Global Pro 

These are some of the key preliminaries that you need to cover when executing an international SEO strategy. Speaking to your audience in their language correctly is essential when you translate your website. Hire international digital marketing and advertising SEO agency to handle your international SEO tasks.

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