7 Proven Web Design Tips For 2024

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Web design is one of the top determining factors of the website's overall success. In fact, the majority of people opine that they judge the company's credibility through their website design. It is the first point of contact between the visitor and the brand, so you need to make it a good one. 

A well-developed website typically gets better traffic and engagement. With some pro web design tips, any amateur web developer or blogger can build a professional-looking website that drives revenue. 

7 Top Web Design Tips For 2024

The following web design tips are backed by research and proven to work. Stop relying on your gut or following the trend when it comes to web design strategies in 2024. 

1. Prioritize Site Speed 

Website speed is indispensable for a good visitor experience. As per different studies, if the website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, about 40% of the visitors will abandon the website and look for something else. Invest in the site speed to increase revenues, conversions, and bounce rate. Make it as fast as possible, so that visitors do not have to wait. 

2. Keep It Simple 

Reduce overwhelming experiences, distractions, and sluggish loading on your site and adopt the theme of "less is more". As per a study by Google, visitors are not a fan of visual complexity. A minimalist website works best on average.

People love familiarity, so design an easier-to-navigate website where everything is available at the touch of the button. Instead of opting for a fancy design, stick to the standard layout. 

3. Attractive Landing Pages 

Sometimes, these pages are the most neglected aspect of the website as all the attention goes to the homepage. Attractive landing pages are short, comprehensive, sweet, and uncluttered. Put all the necessary information but not so much to scare the visitor away. 

4. Design A Professional Logo 

Brands are recognized by their logos even if they do not have the name, for instance, Apple's logo. If your website is lacking a creative logo, design one or hire a professional to do so. You could even hire a graphic designer on Fiverr or Upwork for as little as $5 per logo draft.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Carousel, Tabs, And Sliders 

Though many web developers think these look cool, the general public begs to differ. The research conducted by Notre Dame University states that Carousels are pretty useless and largely ignored. 

The same goes for tabs, sliders, accordions, not many visitors scan them or like to make extra clicks to view the content. 

6. Use Visual Cues to Attract Attention 

Utilizing different elements on the site, direct visitors' attention properly to your website. Use direct visual cues like movement, depth, form, and color as well as arrows, borders, pointing fingers, and others. Clear call-to-actions (CTA) will help improve website visitor conversions to leads and paying customers.

7. Build A Mobile-Friendly Website That Is Fully Responsive

Even after Google's announcement years ago for the first mobile index, it is still a common mistake to not create a fully mobile-friendly website. Over half of your website visitors will likely be viewing it from their mobile phones. So, create a mobile-friendly design to increase traffic and conversions. It is no longer an option, it is a requirement for real business websites.

Web Design That Works Wonders 

It has to be more than a pretty site to be successful, hopefully, these aforementioned design tips will help you create a better website that visitors will be delighted to see. Bear in mind that the visitors do not value fancy UX but a simple, easier-to-use design in 2024.

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