How To Optimize YouTube Videos With Tools And Tags

how to optimize YouTube videos watch time seo tags keywords

YouTube is the largest video site on the planet and the second largest search engine in the world as well. It's the place where your video can potentially go viral and get you millions or billions of views organically. It's essentially like digital signage for your business but it costs nothing aside from video production and editing, which for many YouTubers and small companies is zero expense. The power to reach millions of people with video content, the power only multi-billion dollar television networks or movie studios had a couple decades ago, is now potentially yours with just a smartphone and a few clicks.

But unfortunately YouTube is also getting more competitive each month when it comes to watch time and getting organic traffic. There are millions of videos uploaded each day, so it's tough to compete with optimizing everything perfectly.

In this article we will explain why you should use YouTube tags along with your keywords and relevant hashtags in your videos. Why should you use a tagging system in the first place for your YouTube videos and channels? There are a couple reasons to tag your vids and use top tools on YouTube. 

First, Google has decided that people are far more likely to find videos on YouTube if they search for particular terms. Google knows exactly what people are looking for, they just need to give them tools to access it. 

Tags are keywords you can put into your videos so that the YouTube engine can categorize them better. Tags also serve as descriptors which help the YouTube search engine to understand what your particular video is all about so that it can better serve it to those appropriate users. Think: cat videos, skateboarding, graphic design, makeup tutorial… The bottom line is that tags help identify your videos so that they can be found by the appropriate users. 

So, how do you use YouTube tags to optimize your videos? Well, first you have to know which keywords are the most useful. These keywords will provide the most information about your overall topic or theme. So, if you're making a video about puppies then you would want to focus your keyword on keywords related to puppies, but not limited to it. 

You then have to ensure that your Youtube videos have proper Youtube tags. The second step is to put the proper keywords and keyword phrases that you want your video to rank for in your meta tags. The final step is to make sure you have all of the proper titles, headlines, meta tags, keywords, and hashtags that are required by YouTube for search engines to index your website. There are other options you have as well, but the point I am trying to make here is to just briefly outline the basic points. The final step you want to take is to go out there and start submitting your videos. 

Now that you have learned a little more about YouTube tags and their uses then you are ready to start implementing them into your marketing campaign. But, there is one more element you have to add to this. The final step is to make sure you do your keyword research tools. One of my favorite tools is called Vidiq and it's free for desktop or laptop use. You can't beat free when it comes to editing and optimizing your YouTube videos! 

Vidiq takes the raw HTML tags and creates an easily usable code that you can embed into your own websites. This code will tell your website visitor what tags to watch, when to watch them, and what kind of titles and descriptions to give them. Other great tools like the Tubebuddy code generator are also available. These two programs have helped revolutionize how many creators market their videos and websites. By taking advantage of the power of these two powerful programs, you can quickly make the desired changes in your videos to maximize your YouTube search engine optimization. 

YouTube is only getting more congested and competitive by the day, so it's time to optimize your videos accurately and aggressively!

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